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Stretching the Shoulders

Stretches on this Page:
Chest Stretch 3 Positions,  Broom Chest Stretch  Front of Shoulder,  Cross Shoulder Pull,  Top of Shoulder,  Kneeling to Chair, 

Muscles on this Page:
Trapezius, Levator Scapula, Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Subscapularis, Supraspinatus, Rotator Cuff Group, Rhomboid Group, Abdominals, Biceps, Triceps

Please see more about stretch information for general guidelines.
And refer to the instructions given to you by your RMT.
Each stretch should always be repeated on the other side, unless specified by your RMT.

Chest Stretch 3 Positions

Pectoralis Major & Minor

Place the arm of the side you are stretching against the wall, 90 degrees from your body, with your thumb pointing up (Position A). Gently turn your body and head away from the wall. Repeat the same sequence with the arm above (Position B) and below (Position C) horizontal to stretch the entire muscle.

Broom Chest Stretch

Pectoralis Minor, Rotator Cuff

Grasp top end of broom and bring to side of head above shoulder. Keep elbow in line with body, upper arm horizontal with shoulder and palm forward. Reach in front of body with free hand and grasp lower end of broom. Gently pull lower end of broom to rotate scapulae (shoulder blade) down and back. Feel for pull in front of chest. In this picture, the right shoulder is being stretched.

Front of Shoulder

Biceps Brachi & Pectorals

Stand against a wall at right angles to it, right shoulder against the wall. Raise the right arm against the wall to 90, with thumb pointing down. Keeping the arm straight, turn the body away from the wall. Repeat other side.

Cross Shoulder Pull

Rhomboid Group (Rhomboid Minor and Major)

Raise left arm to shoulder height, and reach over and grasp left elbow with right hand. Relax the left arm, allowing all the weight to be carried in the right hand. Pull left elbow across the body.

Top of Shoulder

Supraspinatus, Upper Trapezius

Bend right arm behind back and grasp wrist with left hand. Gently pull right arm towards left side and then turn head to look towards the left. Repeat on other side.

Kneeling to Chair

Latisimus Dorsi

Kneel on floor in front of a chair. Sit down on heels and stretch arms out in front to place palm down on the chair. Lean back and gently rotate arms palm up.