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Stretching the Legs

Stretches on this Page:
Kneeling Lunge, Front of Thigh, Cross Legged Hip Drop Back of Thigh – Strap,
Back of Thigh – Wall, Inner Thigh – Knees Bent, Inner Thigh – Knees Straight,
Upper Calf, Lower Calf, Shin, Outside of Lower Leg

Muscles on this Page:
Quadraceps & hip flexors (psoas), Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Hamstrings,
Hip adductors (one-joint), Hip adductors (two-joint), Peroneii

Please see more about stretch information for general guidelines.
And refer to the instructions given to you by your RMT.
Each stretch should always be repeated on the other side, unless specified by your RMT.

Kneeling Lunge

Quads and Hip Flexors (Iliopsoas)

In lunge position, place back leg knee down on the ground, keeping hips square. Gently lower body down to the ground. To increase stretch place box underneath the back foot to raise it off the ground.

Front of Thigh

Quadraceps Group (Rectus Femoris, Vastus Intermedius, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis

Standing on one leg, support body with arm on wall for balance as necessary. Keeping knees together, grasp foot and pull towards bum. May also be done laying on floor, with the stretch side up.

Cross Legged Hip Drop

Iliotibial Band (via Tensor Fascia Lata & Gluteus Maximus)

Stand at right angle to a wall, placing right hand against the wall at shoulder height. Cross the right leg behind the left leg, and turn the right foot forward. Step left foot towards wall. Keeping the hips at right angles to the wall, and rear (right) leg straight, allow the right hip to drop down. Control is with the left leg. Repeat other side.

Back of Thigh – Strap

Hamstrings Group

Lie on back and raise one leg up. Bend your knee to place a strap across the ball of the foot. Straighten knee and gently pull toes towards body. Keep the other leg straight without locking the knee. For less strain on the pelvis, bend the other leg and keep foot flat on floor.

Back of Thigh – Wall

Hamstrings Group (Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, Biceps Femoris)

For an easier hamstring stretch, lay on back with bum near the wall; place one leg straight with heel against wall while other foot is flat against wall with knee bent. To progress, place both heels up on wall. (The closer the bum to the wall, the more the stretch).

Inner Thigh – Knees Bent

One-Joint Hip Adductors (Adductor Brevis, Adductor Longus, Pectineus)

Sit on floor with back resting against a wall, or using yours arms for support. Bend both legs together and bring the soles of the feet together. Allow the bent knees to fall outwards comfortably, relaxing into the stretch. Rest hands on knees and if possible, gently push knees down towards the ground.

Inner Thigh – Knees Straight

Two-Joint Hip Adductors (Gracilis, Adductor Magnus)

Sit down on floor and open up legs as wide as you can without bending the knees. Gently lean body forward to increase stretch.

Upper Calf

Gastrocnemius, Plantaris

Stand facing a wall, supporting body with arms. Place right ball of foot against the wall, heel on floor, leg straight. Lean body towards the wall. Repeat on other side.

Lower Calf


Stand facing a wall, supporting body with arms. Place right ball of foot against the wall, heel on the floor, leg bent-. Lean body towards wall. Repeat other leg.


Tibialis Anterior

Place top of toes on ground, keep ankle straight, and gently push the top of foot down.

Outside of Lower Leg


Place outside of foot on ground so that the sole is perpendicular to the ground. Move hips on stretching side out to increase the pull at the ankle.