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Brianne McGettigan, RMT, returns on Jan 8, 2019,
on Wednesday & Friday mornings. New Patients welcome!

Our new online booking system is now available to book and manage appointments!
New Patients, please ensure you understand our clinic policies on payment and cancellations before booking an Initial Appointment online (45 or 60 minutes).

• Find some details "About Us" - information about the therapists who work at Alive and Well Massage Therapy Clinic and details about some of the techniques used by our RMTs.

• Are you wondering "What to Expect?" for your first and subsequent massage therapy sessions? This page includes what your body might feel like during and after a treatment.

• We are delighted to present our section on "Hydrotherapy" - answers to the age-old question of 'Should I use ice or heat?' as well as other information on the application of heat and cold for therapeutic effects.

• Our "Stretching" pages are available for you to use - information and pictures for stretching each area of the body, as well as general guidelines about how and when to stretch.

• Find answers to all your "Questions" - including all the information you need to book an appointment: rates, payment and cancellation policies, directions, and phone numbers.

• Download our health history form. Print it, fill it out, and bring it with you for your first appointment!

• Interested in massage for expanctant mothers and babies? Benefits and details of prenatal (pregnancy), post-natal and infant massage are discussed here.

• We also have a listing of related "Links" - information about subjects we think you might be interested in, including where to find out more about MSP benefits, RMT educational links, and other health practitioners we recommend.

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