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Stretching the Hips

Stretches on this Page:
Double Knee To Chest,  Cross Ankle Hip Flex,  Cross Legged Hip Drop,  Lying Hip Twist,  Lying Wall Hip Opener,  Kneeling Lunge 

Muscles on this Page:
Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, Piriformis & lateral hip rotators, Iliotibial Band (via Tensor Fascia Lata), Quadraceps Group, Hip flexors

Please see more about stretch information for general guidelines.
And refer to the instructions given to you by your RMT.
Each stretch should always be repeated on the other side, unless specified by your RMT.

Double Knee To Chest

Lumber Spine Erectors & Gluteals

Lie on your back, bend both legs, with feet on the floor. Pull both knees up towards chest (hands over or behind knees)

Cross Ankle Hip Flex

Gluteus Maximus & External Rotators

Lie face up, bend right knee keeping the foot on the ground. Cross the left ankle on the right knee, and relax the left leg so knee falls outward. Bring the right foot closer to the right hip until stretch is felt in left hip. If possible, reach under the right leg behind the knee with both hands and pull towards the chest. Repeat other side.

Cross Legged Hip Drop

Iliotibial Band (via Tensor Fascia Lata & Gluteus Maximus)

Stand at right angle to a wall, placing right hand against the wall at shoulder height. Cross the right leg behind the left leg, and turn the right foot forward. Step left foot towards wall. Keeping the hips at right angles to the wall, and rear (right) leg straight, allow the right hip to drop down. Control is with the left leg. Repeat other side.

Lying Hip Twist

Gluteus Medius & Minimus

Lie face up with arms extended to sides. Lift stretching leg straight up, bend the knee, then lower the leg to opposite side toward hand. Use opposite hand to gently pull knee to floor while keeping pelvis and low back flat on the floor.

Lying Wall Hip Opener


Lie on back with your foot against the wall, 90 degrees flexion at the knee and 90 degrees flexion at the hip. Place the ankle of the opposite leg on the front of the flexed knee. Add gentle pressure to the knee of the side you are stretching, encouraging it towards the wall.

Kneeling Lunge

Quads and Hip Flexors (Iliopsoas)

In lunge position, place back leg knee down on the ground, keeping hips square. Gently lower body down to the ground. To increase stretch place box underneath the back foot to raise it off the ground.