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Stretching the Back

Stretches on this Page:
Cross Shoulder Pull,  Seated Mid-Back Twist,  Double Knee to Chest,  Kneeling Side Bend,  Kneeling Lunge 

Muscles on this Page:
Latissimus Dorsi ('Lats'), Quadratus Lumborum ('QL'), Lumbar Spine Erectors, Psoas and Hip Flexors

Please see more about stretch information for general guidelines.
And refer to the instructions given to you by your RMT.
Each stretch should always be repeated on the other side, unless specified by your RMT.

Cross Shoulder Pull

Rhomboid Group (Rhomboid Minor and Major)

Raise left arm to shoulder height, and reach over and grasp left elbow with right hand. Relax the left arm, allowing all the weight to be carried in the right hand. Pull left elbow across the body.

Seated Mid-Back Twist

Mid-back Rotators & Paraspinals

Sit on flat surface with right leg straight. Bend left knee and place foot on ground on the outside of the right knee. Place right hand behind you at the base of the spine. Stretch left arm up above you, pulling up from the top of the head and gently turn, placing the left elbow on the inside of the left knee. Continue to lift up and rotate, using the right arm for support.

Double Knee To Chest

Lumber Spine Erectors & Gluteals

Lie on your back, bend both legs, with feet on the floor. Pull both knees up towards chest (hands over or behind knees)

Kneeling Side Bend

Quadratus Lumborum

Position body on all fours on floor. Walk hands away from the centre toward one side. Reach outside arm further ahead on floor. Feel for stretch in low back and side of body, on the side you are leaning away from. You may need to arch back up and/or sit down towards inside leg for more of as stretch. Gently walk hands back to centre and then to return to a kneeling position.

Kneeling Lunge

Quads and Hip Flexors (Iliopsoas)

In lunge position, place back leg knee down on the ground, keeping hips square. Gently lower body down to the ground. To increase stretch place box underneath the back foot to raise it off the ground.